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Admiral Painjoy (Jim) - Camp/Village Leader (HMFIC)
2174 S. Yates St. Denver, CO 80219

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Admiral Painjoy (Jim) Camp/Village Leader (HMFIC)
Major D (Doug) – The Camp for Sensual Pleasures Leader & Mover of Flowing Electrons & Cartographer & Civic Planner
Olaf – Camp Engineer
Niloc (Colin) – SWB Security Team
Red Queen (Amanda) – Ticket Maven and Mistress of Namebadges (and harsh critic of dance moves)
Dano – Lead builder (and history professor) - Floaters/Infrastructure
Yoyo – Potable water “perv”eyor and RV technician
Eve – Mistress of Morsels (and hangover magnet) – Coffee Caretakers
Sky – Civic Planner and Administer of pneumatic red cheeks (and wears the same kilt every day)
For Now & For Later – LNT Coordinators – Daily LNT Staff – Final Mooping coordinators
Christopher Robbin (aka “Code Blue”) – LNT coordinator emeritus
Tripp & Gwyn (and purveyors of dice games) – Bar Tenders and Bar Backs
Lazy Bar Slut (Olivia) & Danielle – Lead Mistresses - MOD Squad (and lovable freaks!) – Stage Dancers
Dirty Dan – DJ Coordinator… event planner (and recto-cranially inverted legend) – DJs
Blackbird & Amethyst – RV Services Managers (wash your hands after meeting them)
Quantum Glen – BufferZone Manager & Director of Blinky Things (and voice for Movie Fone)

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Admiral Painjoy
(916) 337-5353