who we are... What we do

Since 2008 Spanky’s Wine Bar has been an infamous crown-jewel of Burning Man night clubs, day clubs, and sex-positive kink camps.  SWB is creates a safe space for the exploration of kink for beginners as well as seasoned alt lifestylers. We (mostly) take a light-hearted approach to kink and bdsm in the form of humor, silliness, and games.  We aren’t a strict enclosed dungeon atmosphere run by authoritarian dictators… we’re a playa-bar where sexy, kinky fun happens.   But Spanky’s does have rules, the MOST IMPORTANT of which is… CONSENT!  Please take the time to read “Consent 101” on our page:  The 11 Principles

Spanky’s is home to many toys, games, and attractions, most of which gained much playa-wide fame, including; our bar’s Deviant Dare Dice game, The Spank-O-Matic, The Tunnel of Glove (groping booth), The Prison Shower, The Teeter-Totter of Death, The Chairway to Heaven, The Orgasmator, The Buffer Zone, and more.

Spanky’s also hosts many events and parties during Burning Man (as well as parties, events, and campouts throughout the year).  Some of our noteworthy events on the playa have included; The Little Black Dress Parade, The Festival of Bubastis (Femdom party), Bootie Mashup nights, Electro-swing parties, Morning Painjoy Radio (MPR – a spoof on NPR – daily music/games/variety show), kink performances, the Weird Underwear Brigade, live music performances,  fire performances (including the famous “flaming jump rope”, the Swine Bar, Elvis/Chicken night, etc.

Along with our daily events/parties, toys, and attractions, SWB also offers daily educational classes on kink activities (Spanky’s University – aka “Spank U!”).  Curious Burners can learn about such topics as;  Consent, bondage and rigging, impact play, humiliation, fire cupping, fetishes, dirty talk, etc.

Of course, Spanky’s is a wine bar, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We actually lampoon those stuffy, pretentious Napa Valley style wineries with boutique tasting rooms.  Please, join us for a flight of Two-buck-Chuck!  And for non-oenophiles, we also offer a selection of beer, such as PBR (playa’s best refreshment) and other similar high-end brews.

And most importantly, Spanky’s is a group of wonderful friends.  As well as entertaining the masses, we thoroughly enjoy each other’s company on the playa.  And that’s not limited to those official Spankers who are camped at SWB… we love hanging out with our guests and visitors, because those are our potential new friends/members.