Spanky’s Village does not have a “meal plan”.  Instead, we have an “Appetizer Program”.  Here’s how it works…

Every member of Spanky’s makes an appetizer at some point during the event.  The appetizer should serve 20-30 people (more if you’re ambitious!).  It can be simple or complex… expensive or cheap.  It’s up to you and your budget/skills.  You also get to choose when you make/serve your appy.  And you can serve it at the bar area or you can walk around camp with it.  And if you need a place to prepare/cook your appy, Spanky’s does have a kitchen-space you can use. (more kitchen info below)

Please follow all food handing safety precautions when preparing your appy.  The following is a MUST READ for anyone cooking food:  Safe Food Handling | FDA



Well, for several reasons.  When camps have meal plans…

1- There is a lot of work involved in cooking for 150-250 people

2- There’s a lot of clean-up and dishes to do afterward

3- You have to eat on a certain schedule… when the food is served.  

4- You have to eat whatever food is being served

5- It’s difficult to accommodate the dietary needs/desires of so many people


1- You get to show off your creation and help feed the members of our village

2- Since 150-250 Spankers are participating in the program, there’s almost always some food floating around camp

3- It’s a social catalyst.  You can use your appetizer as an ice-breaker to get to know a group or individual better