The Toys and Attractions

Spanky’s is the home to several fun toys and attractions, most of which have earned a degree of fame (or infamy) at Burning Man


The Big Ass Shade Structure. Where (most of) the fun at Spanky's happens

Dancer Stages​

Dance the night away under the BASS

Chairway to Heaven

At nearly 40' tall, you get the best views of the playa, if you dare


The Infamous Spank-O-Matic! A pneumatic spanking machine
It's safe... no, really

The Teeter-Totter of Death

Yes, it spins!

The Bondage Wall and other Bondage Toys

Burning Man never hurt so good

The Buffer Zone

Get buffed!

The Prison Shower

Get dirty whilst getting clean!

Latex Vac-U-Bed

It sucks

Vibrator Races

Do you have what it takes to become a champion?

The Orgasmator Experience

Enjoy intense physical pleasure in an environment that is safe, comfortable, sensual and private. You will be in complete control, and the experience will be fine-tuned to your specific desires. Part of The Camp of Sensual Pleasures

Tunnel of Glove

It's a tunnel, with gloves. You walk through it

Flaming Jump Rope

The simplest of children's games, with a good smattering of unnecessary danger

Flaming Enimas

Blowing smoke... literally

Boss Hog Art Car

A giant warthog

Illuminaughti Art Car

A mobile disco dance floor with a stripper pole