Pay camp Dues
(aka... Spanky's "bottom" line)

2022 Village Dues and Budget

Dues are what pays for the infrastructure of the camp. Things like the bar, bar supplies, the showers, generator, fuel for the generator, camp lighting, sound and decor, signage, construction materials, equipment, administrative costs, dumping fees, bar ice, and the copious amounts of beer and wine we serve to the masses at Burning Man.

Due to general inflation, the astronomical cost of building supplies and lumber, our need for a brand new sound system, and 2.5 years of SWB year-round expenses… Camp dues have increased this year.


  • Paying Camp Dues early in the year saves you money.  Starting on July 1, 2022, dues increase to $425.00
  • No profit is made from camp dues.
  • Accounting is transparent and will be posted after the event
  • You can make your payment via PayPal/CCard by clicking “Buy Now” button below
  • You can only pay one person’s dues at a time.  (Sorry, you can no longer select multiple people in one transaction)
  • Above the “Buy Now” button, please enter the real name of the person those dues apply to. (Some people’s payments come from companies or names other than the person paying dues… this helps us know who each set of dues is coming from and for whom these dues apply)
  • Payments by check… contact
  • “Freeloader” dues are available for $800.00 if you don’t want to do workshifts and/or can’t stay to break-down camp at the end of the event… Sun/Mon


Camp Dues are currently $475.00   

If you paid dues in 2020, you may opt to have that amount deducted from your 2022 dues.  Contact APJ for instructions.

Above is the button for camp dues


below is the button for freeloader dues $900.00

Camp Dues are not refundable. Camp dues are spent nearly as quickly as they are received. If you pay camp dues and something happens which makes it impossible for you to attend Burningman, the best way to get a refund on your camp dues is to find somebody to replace you in camp (subject to approval by Admiral Painjoy). Contact the Admiral if you find yourself in this situation.

That's Really Expensive ūüôĀ

We at Spanky’s understand that we are in tough economic times and that some people are truly broke. If this is the case for you… email Let him know about your situation and how much you can afford to pay. He will do his best to work something out for you. This might include extra work shifts, payment plans, etc. All hardship cases are kept strictly confidential.

The Fund for Wayward Spankers

We at Spanky’s understand that some of you are so wonderful, so generous of spirit, and such rockstars that you are willing to pay more than the minimum share of the village dues. If this is the case, we can’t begin to tell you how much we love you! Your donations help to assist other dedicated and hard-working Spankers who might not be able to pay the full amount of camp dues because of severe financial hardships.


Generator Rental and Power Grid                          $9500.00
Fuel                                                                                 6000.00
Beer & Wine                                                                  7000.00
Bar Supplies & Ice                                                       1800.00
Construction Materials                                               4000.00
Showers and Pumping                                               2500.00
Sound System & Lighting & Decor                           4000.00
Supplies, Welcome Packs, Shirts                              2600.00
Administrative                                                             3800.00
Transportation & Dumping                                      4800.00
Medical Kit                                                                     400.00
Work/Party Weekends                                              1200.00
Storage Fees                                                                 600.00
Hardship Fund                                                            1400.00
Sanctuary (Kitchen)                                                   2000.00
Miscellaneous                                                             2000.00

Total                                                                                    $53,600.00