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Spanky’s Wine Bar and Village is, in our humble opinion, the most fun place on the planet. Seriously, it’s more fun that a barrel of fluffy monkeys on ecstasy… but it isn’t for everyone.  Please make sure you read ALL the info on this website before signing up. We want to be sure that you know what you’re gettin’ yer sexy-ass into 😉

By applying to camp with us, you agree to abide by the rules of consent and promise to help us educate and enforce these rules with our bar patrons, kink customers, and the Burning Man population at-large.  Consent and communication are the key to it all. Spanky’s Wine Bar is one of the safe-spaces on the Playa. A place where people can “get their freak on,” without worry of harassment, judgement, being photographed/recorded, etc.

Make sure you’ve read the Rules and Responsibilities and the 11 Principles (and, well, everything else) before signing up.

NEW SWB APPLICANTS (there is a vetting process for new members)…

1- Filling out the sign-up form doesn’t mean you’re automatically approved to camp with us

2- After the sign-up is done, remember to email a namebadge pic to: 

3- After you’re done, a member of Spanky’s Management will contact you and perhaps grill you like wild salmon (we gotta make sure we don’t let in any weirdos)

4- Once you’ve been thoroughly grilled, if approved, you can then pay your camp dues

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