Rules and Responsibilities

In order to have a great time and be a good Spanker, it’s extremely important that some common-sense rules and responsibilities be followed.  Most everything you’ll need to know about Burning Man and Spanky’s is on this website.  


  • Read the info on this website
  • Pay your camp dues (non-refundable)
  • Sign-up for SWB workshifts
  • Do your workshifts.  Know the job description.  Do your workshift well/sober
  • Be part of the fun, not a source of drama
  • Take care of yourself on the playa.  You’re in the desert and the desert is trying to kill you
  • Be as self-reliant as you can
  • Keep your personal space in camp clean, organized, MOOP-free, and always prepared for wind/rain
  • Keep Spanky’s MOOP-free throughout the week
  • Don’t party too hard, especially when you have workshifts the next day
  • Keep an open mind and an open heart
  • Stay until the end (Monday at noon) to help break-down, load-up, and MOOP
  • Make and serve my appetizer without giving anyone food poisoning
  • Above all else, use common sense and have a great time!
       P.S. Don’t die.

Great! Now what?

Now raise your right hand and say, “To all these things, I do solemnly swear, on the soul of Larry Harvey… Amen”

Please read the 11 Principles before signing-up