The Bar

The bar is located under the Big-Ass-Shade-Structure (BASS) and is the central focal point of the camp.
The Mistress of the Bar is the lovely Tripp.

Bar Rules

Always check I.D.s and NEVER serve anyone under 21!

When in doubt, kick them out. Law enforcement does sting operations on a regular basis

All wine is to be served in the customers own cup or a paper bar cup. Do not re-use paper cups

We can serve mixed drinks, but ice must be clean and come from Arctica

We don’t use fresh squeezed fruit (including citrus) juice

The Libations

The bar serves (mostly) two types of drinks, wine and PBR. The wines are re-labelled with our own fictitious/humorous labels. Please feel free to submit ideas for wine names and label designs!

Tending Bar

Bartenders are encouraged to “ham it up” as fake sommeliers. Offer utterly ridiculous characteristics of the wine (and it’s effects). You could also play the roll of a dominatrix (or submissive) bartender and ask people to perform for their drinks… but don’t force anyone. We also have the “Deviant Dare Dice” game. You could offer customers a “wine tasting” or “flight of wines” so that they can taste the difference in the various SWB wines, even though they’re all the same.

A costume (like in the video below), elegant attire, or fetish wear is encouraged.